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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Term Webmaster

If you've a website, you can access the  "webmaster" area of various search engines even if you didn't build that site and you don't understand html. Just as the guy who has some knowledge of cars will not be cheated by a car dealer, so everyone who is interested in or has a website must have some basic knowledge of what the search engines and the public look for in a functional website. To do this, I suggest you register with two search engines as a "webmaster". The first search engine I would suggest is Google. Below is a sample of  useful website information you can receive from Google Webmaster Tools. I hope what you saw calmed your nerves because you don't have to be a technical guy or have any knowledge of html to understand and make use of some of the basic tools to market your online business. Google is the number one source of information in the world and it is easy to use that is why you want to visit its web central first. When you familiarize yourself with Google, you become more savvy in what to expect from an SEO company.

Compare how well your website performs against others using Alexa or using this free SEO tool from DIYSEO. Next, I suggest that you register with Bing and/or Yahoo webmaster tools due to the market share they hold.

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